Introducing The 5 Day #IDEACHALLENGE

Do you find yourself feeling:

  • Wondering how to actually 'generate' ideas? 
  • Overwhelmed by having so many ideas? 
  • Lost as to which of your ideas you should pick and then stick with? 
  • Unsure of how to follow through to 'done'? 
  • Feel that you are just "too busy" and never have enough time to work on your i?deas

I've been there... trust me!  

Feeling like this can not only cause you to doubt yourself; but it can totally halt you in your tracks.... I decided that I needed to create a process that would allow me to keep really clear on what idea I wanted to action, how I would get it to 'done'; all the while ensuring I kept focus! 

Now, I want to share this!

I don't want to keep this all to myself, as I want EVERYBODY out there to be able to pick and stick with their best idea - getting it out of your head and to 'done'!  


  • Get your ideas out of your head and onto paper!
  • Review and elaborate 
  • Dig deeper 
  • Find your BEST idea [so you have the one to stick with]
  • Break it down into simple steps and start DOING 

It is this simple! Join me, and we'll put you on track to work with that one amazing idea! 

Sign up to join the 5 Day #IDEACHALLENGE now! The clock is ticking...  


Hi, I'm Tanja de Bie -van Leeuwen and I design problem solving tools that are simple to use but help people like you to be super productive and realize your dreams. 

I designed this challenge for you. To learn how to select your best idea to start your side-business! 

Building a business or side-business may seem scary right now, but you already have what it takes to make it brilliant! Remeber; you are awesome (but you knew that already, right)?! 

Tanja de Bie - van Leeuwen

Creator of problem solving tools, and